Stellar Babies™

Stellar Babies™

Our Journey from conception to Reality

Introducing the Stellar Babies™

The Stellar Babies™


What are Stellar Babies?  They are a brand new line of multicultural dolls; sparkly new baby stars who were born in space and are here to put a smile on your child's face.  They have fallen to earth looking for loving caring homes with host families until they grow up and the time comes for them to take their rightful place in the sky lighting up the night as beautiful bright stars.


My name is Pearlene, and I am the creator of the Stellar Babies.  Although a novice in the area of doll design, I have a real passion and enthusiasm for this new venture and I am looking forward to introducing everyone to the wonderful world of the Stellar Babies.   The goal is to bring a fresh new look to the doll scene that would be fun and enjoyable without sexualizing them like some of the dolls on the market today.


Each doll is 15 inches in height, sings, and has plastic armature for posing.  They also come with a flashing light star necklace that can also be worn by your child.  There is a host family certificate and there will be an option to adopt if your child so choose.


I decided to start this blog so that those interested can view the process as I work to bring the Stellar Babies dream into fruition.  Although the end of the road seems long ahead I am looking forward to it and I am ready for the challenge.  So please feel free to join us as I bring these little stars to life.


You can visit our website at to learn more about their extraordinary journey in the galaxy or you can like our Facebook page at and tweet us at @Stellar_Babies and don't forget to make a wish upon your new little star when you receive it, you never know your wish may just come true.

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