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Stellar Babies™

Our Journey from conception to Reality

10 reasons you should support Non Techies crowdfunding campaigns




10.  Not everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg, plus where would we find our own set of Winklevii to inspire us. ;)  


9.   The wonderful wizard of Woz doesn’t have a yellow brick roadmap of his brain posted online for us to pick through for fruitful knowledge and possible world domination.


8.   Just because we haven’t mastered World of Warcraft it doesn’t mean we are sleeping on our inner geeky cool. Don’t sleep on the Candy crushers.


7.    We may confuse M&M=mc2 within our circumference of life but at least we like tasty Pi.


6.   Just because we listened to the warning that “if you do it everyday it isn’t as special” doesn’t mean we weren’t with you in spirit and did it once in a blue moon.


5.  We are sorry for any swirlies, Indian burns, wet willies, and atomic wedgies you may have received in school and know that not all of us participated… we may have laughed our butts off and the devil is going to get us but we left your tightie whities alone.


4.   Sheldon is our favorite character on Big Bang Theory and hey we watch Big Bang Theory… how about that for smarts huh?


3.   Because our milkshake brought all the boys to the yard and none of them brought any money with them… cheap SOB’s.


2.  Because Miley twerked, Bieber still works, and Minaj abused somebody’s anaconda and we were all afraid.


1.   Because we dream big too and have big ideas, besides non techies need love too!


On that note please remember to stop by our upcoming Indiegogo campaign called the Stellar Babies™ on November 20 and show us some love.  In the meantime check out our soft launch page and join our tribe and help us spread the word. You can also follow us on Twitter @stellar_babies and like us on Facebook .  If you choose to support our lovely campaign then may the force be with you and you live long and prosper…nanu nanu.   


                                                                                                            The Stellar Babies™




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