Stellar Babies™

Stellar Babies™

Our Journey from conception to Reality

10 reasons you should support Non Techies crowdfunding campaigns




10.  Not everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg, plus where would we find our own set of Winklevii to inspire us. ;)  


9.   The wonderful wizard of Woz doesn’t have a yellow brick roadmap of his brain posted online for us to pick through for fruitful knowledge and possible world domination.


8.   Just because we haven’t mastered World of Warcraft it doesn’t mean we are sleeping on our inner geeky cool. Don’t sleep on the Candy crushers.


7.    We may confuse M&M=mc2 within our circumference of life but at least we like tasty Pi.


6.   Just because we listened to the warning that “if you do it everyday it isn’t as special” doesn’t mean we weren’t with you in spirit and did it once in a blue moon.


5.  We are sorry for any swirlies, Indian burns, wet willies, and atomic wedgies you may have received in school and know that not all of us participated… we may have laughed our butts off and the devil is going to get us but we left your tightie whities alone.


4.   Sheldon is our favorite character on Big Bang Theory and hey we watch Big Bang Theory… how about that for smarts huh?


3.   Because our milkshake brought all the boys to the yard and none of them brought any money with them… cheap SOB’s.


2.  Because Miley twerked, Bieber still works, and Minaj abused somebody’s anaconda and we were all afraid.


1.   Because we dream big too and have big ideas, besides non techies need love too!


On that note please remember to stop by our upcoming Indiegogo campaign called the Stellar Babies™ on November 20 and show us some love.  In the meantime check out our soft launch page and join our tribe and help us spread the word. You can also follow us on Twitter @stellar_babies and like us on Facebook .  If you choose to support our lovely campaign then may the force be with you and you live long and prosper…nanu nanu.   


                                                                                                            The Stellar Babies™




Fueling My Dream!


It has been a long hard journey and the Stellar Babies™ still haven’t made it into the market place, however, I haven’t given up. I’ve entered many contest… and lost many contest. I’ve attended many seminars and joined several Meet Up groups. I have a goal and I am focused and I will continue to persevere until we finally make it out of the gate.  It has been nothing but bad news and disappointment throughout this process that I often felt like giving up. But I clear my mind and try to put all negative thoughts aside and continue to keep my eye on the prize. This steadfastness (or stubbornness depending on who you ask) has finally put me in a position to be in the right place at the right time.  Not too long ago one of my Meet Up groups posted a solicitation for applications for the Fuel Your Dream project.  This project was going to assist up to 20 applicants with their crowdfunding campaign and I was very excited about this since I was planning to give crowdfunding another try (I was still in the research phase and this came along just in time).  The first time I tried crowdfunding was over 2 years ago and it failed miserably. I worked it alone and didn’t know what I was doing.  I just assumed it was like that Field of Dreams movie, you know “If you build it they will come” but you know what nobody came. 


That setback was soul crushing but I soldiered on.  I happily filled out my application for the fuel your dream program and just knew I was going to be one of the 20 because my idea was awesome and I was awesome and the day I saw the solicitation was awesome so this was meant to be. I sent in all the required information about me and my project and waited anxiously during the three week period while the judges made their decision.  This was the longest three weeks ever. Finally the day they were due to contact me via email came and I stalked that email box like a cat stalking a bird, I was on it dog on it and completely ready to read my good news. Over and over I checked my email but nothing. The day ended and there was no good news email. The next day I contacted the necessary people to find out what happened figuring they might be behind in sending out emails and I was told they had completed sending out emails and if I didn’t receive one then I wasn’t selected.  Aaargh! Not again I thought. This was my time but once again more disappointment. I regrouped and continued my research on crowdfunding because this time around I wanted to do it right. About a month had past and I received a call.  It was NYC Business Solutions, the people running the “Fuel You Dream project” and they must have finished with the first 20 people because they said they were now going to assist me in preparing my crowdfunding campaign.  Yippie! I was so excited I became giggly all day… now it is my time and I am going to make the most of this opportunity.  I am working with a wonderful counselor and she has given me a lot of wonderful advice. It is nice to have assistance this time around instead of trying to go it alone. I am assembling my team and looking forward to the launch of my campaign, perhaps this time around there will be a positive outcome. 


I’ve decided to do a soft launch by advertising the campaign before it officially launches in order to build up interest and garner support for Stellar Babies™.  I’ve created a Thunder clap page so if you are interested in supporting me with my journey either by donating, getting a perk, or just spreading the word please join my Thunder clap page and you will be notified when we officially launch. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @stellar_babies and like us on Facebook.  I would like to thank you in advance for your support.  Wish me luck…I am going to need it.  

Introducing the Stellar Babies™

The Stellar Babies™


What are Stellar Babies?  They are a brand new line of multicultural dolls; sparkly new baby stars who were born in space and are here to put a smile on your child's face.  They have fallen to earth looking for loving caring homes with host families until they grow up and the time comes for them to take their rightful place in the sky lighting up the night as beautiful bright stars.


My name is Pearlene, and I am the creator of the Stellar Babies.  Although a novice in the area of doll design, I have a real passion and enthusiasm for this new venture and I am looking forward to introducing everyone to the wonderful world of the Stellar Babies.   The goal is to bring a fresh new look to the doll scene that would be fun and enjoyable without sexualizing them like some of the dolls on the market today.


Each doll is 15 inches in height, sings, and has plastic armature for posing.  They also come with a flashing light star necklace that can also be worn by your child.  There is a host family certificate and there will be an option to adopt if your child so choose.


I decided to start this blog so that those interested can view the process as I work to bring the Stellar Babies dream into fruition.  Although the end of the road seems long ahead I am looking forward to it and I am ready for the challenge.  So please feel free to join us as I bring these little stars to life.


You can visit our website at to learn more about their extraordinary journey in the galaxy or you can like our Facebook page at and tweet us at @Stellar_Babies and don't forget to make a wish upon your new little star when you receive it, you never know your wish may just come true.

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